Diana Nicholson

Diana Nicholson

Pilates Instructor/ Health Coach/ Movement Educator

Diana trained and is certified under Master Teacher, Marie Jose Blom Lawrence at “Long Beach Dance and Conditioning.” The Focus of her practice is “Caring”  her precise concentrated Pilates program offers deep core strengthening, which will navigate you through a repertoire of exercises, biomechanically correct, finding your weak links and strengthening the muscles around the movable joints, with as much balance as is possible to achieve.

Pilates true value lies in its anti-aging and performance enhancement abilities. Integrating Pilates into your every day life will make you strong yet flexible, and you will feel more comfortable in your body. “The active pursuit is unimpeded, uninhibited flow of the Integrated Spirit, Soul, Body and Mind.”

Your journey towards reaching optimal health and fitness begins here. Working with Diana, one of the top professionals in the field, coaching each individual client to make permanent lifestyle changes.

No gimmicks here; with attention to all aspects of your life, health, fitness and dietary needs.

In order to successfully health coach you, it will require you develop a singular focus.

The whole picture…. A comprehensive, holistic approach to a healthier lifestyle…

The goal is to provide you with landmarks in the vast question of who you are, what fuels your body, educating you on bio-individuality. You will acquire tools for transformation, which will help you gain clarity of self-knowledge.

I received my training as a Health Coach from the Institute For Integrative Nutrition a cutting-edge Health Coach Training Program.

I work with clients to help them make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.

Malibu Beach Pilates is located inside the Malibu Health Club

22917 Pacific Coast Highway #220

tel: 310-456-7721