Pilates is so much more than a repertoire of exercises. It’s an education in body awareness. We will navigate you through the repertoire, bio-mechanically correct, find your weak links and help you strengthen all the muscles around the moveable joints in balance.
 Change in the body happens over time (not overnight) with precise concentrated effort.
“Awakening consciousness is in love with the world of form.”  Philosopher Ken Wilber
Pilates is all about form.
There’s a definite science behind every movement. Why are we doing what we do? With each exercise we strive to apply all the principles of Pilate’s;
The exercises are taught in a variety of sequences by working the opposite muscles. I watch the body change and the mind always follows (or vice versa). It is an amazing thing to witness. Without body awareness, the strongest muscle usually takes over, creating an imbalance; one muscle gets stronger and stronger while the opposite muscle can not activate-and simply begins to atrophy. The strongest muscle will often pull the bones with them, inhibiting correct biomechanical movement which can be the cause of various injuries, and as a result physiologically it inhibits all the systems in the body from tracking optimally.
My job is to watch the movement, and encourage the degenerating muscle to activate, by taking the opposite muscle out of constant flexion. An example of what can happen when a muscle remains in constant flexion (hypertonic) is; a dog which stands quadruped, to hold its head up, their neck muscles around the cervical spine remain in constant flexion. As a result there front muscles go slack, ever wonder why dogs have turkey neck? Front muscles can not activate!
After I had my baby it took years of procrastination before I decided that enough was enough, it was time to get back into shape. Right at the height of kickboxing, a friend took me to a class. We wrapped our hands in gauze, and with boxing gloves, we did a lot of hitting and kicking. At the time I had no body awareness. I remember the first time I went, I could barely sleep that night because my wrists felt like they were broken. In the class, although I loved it, I was coming home with all kinds of terrible injuries. There wasn’t any talk of correct form or precision and I found myself doing a lot of flailing. I simply lacked the strength in my muscles.
After about four months I felt stronger and I lost weight, but something was disturbing to me, I did not have the same shape I did before the baby. My rib cage was wider (about 2 inches), my gluts didn’t have that round shape anymore and I had no waist. Worse yet, my knees started hurting when I ran. What was wrong? I was terrified that I would never be the same again; is this it meant when people say their getting old? But I was still young!
This was the beginning of my awareness. How you work out is how your body reforms. Put the bones where they belong (in there correct biomechanical position) then call for movement.
A friend was getting her Pilates certification, and to support her I agreed to be her first client. It was completely different than anything I had done before. By the third session I could feel my deep abdominal muscles (my core), and for the first time in years I had hope! At the time I had no idea, what an adventure it would become, and how profoundly my body would transform. Being a graduate of the California Healing Arts college, I recognized that Pilates was healing on so many levels. My experience with Pilates has been truly life altering.
In the beginning, what I loved was how I looked. Now with a deeper understanding I see that Pilates is an education in body movement. Kickboxing, yoga, running, cycling, volleyball, or any sport that you might do will not only be easier but greatly enhanced as well. Besides the obvious deep core strengthening, you will gain long lean muscle, straighter spine strong abdominal and back muscles.
Bruce Lee said “Be like water, let everything flow”. Water can carve stone! Integrating Pilates into your every day lives, will make you strong yet flexible, and you will feel more comfortable in your body too. Pilate’s true value lies in its anti aging and performance enhancement abilities.